Friday, March 2, 2012

Chiloe Island

For Valentine ’s Day this year we decided to take a trip to the magical island of Chiloe.  Chiloe is filled with myths, legends and good seafood.

We left Thursday February 9th and took an overnight bus. We woke up at about 8am...still on the bus to find we were on a ferry. The ferry took us from the bottom of Chile to the magic island. The sun was shining and we had a beautiful view of the island. 

After landing we arrived in Ancud where we stayed for the weekend. As soon as we set our things down at the hostel we took off running (literally) for a tour to the Pinguinera. The Pinguinera is home to the Humboldt and Magellan penguins! We took a little car ride and the arrived at the beach! We got on a boat and headed to see the PENGUINS!!!  There were so many. We were lucky enough to also see lots of rare species of ducks and birds. The Humboldt penguin is endangered and this island is its natural habitat. On our boat tour we saw the cutest otter. It was playing with our bat and eating fish while swimming on its back. 
The Boat Ride

The Otter

The Penuins

After the tour we headed to town to tour the city of Ancud. We found the Trauco. This is one of the most popular legends of Chiloe. It is a little ugly man that steals girls and impregnates them. Seriously. 
Me & The Trauco

We ended the night with dinner and drinks at a lovely restaurant.  All was perfect except the power went out while we were eating! 
Dinner Date
The next day we work up and went on a tour called Ruta de Las Iglesias. The tour allowed us to visit many of the ancient churches on the island. We travelled to many cities including the capitol and down the coast. The churches are amazing structures that were built without using one nail. The wooden panels fit together perfectly. They have stood strong though two of the most major earthquakes ever.

At one of the stops we tried Curanto. This is the famous dish of Chiloe. It is a little sack filled with clams, muscles, chicken sausage and two types of potato patties. It can be cooked in the ground or in a pot. We had our first curanto in a market and our server refused to give us silverware. We shared one fork and drank warm beer, but the food was AMAZING. 
We also got to see the famous Palafitos of Castro, Chiloe’s Capitol. These are houses built directly in the water.
 On our final day in Chiloe we decided to travel to a Festival Accombrista. Here we tried traditional Curanto cooked underground and got to visit the seaside and one last church.  It was a beautiful day and we only encountered one problem.
The last church


Taking the Curanto out

No bus would stop to take us back. Apparently we looked like backpackers aka freeloaders and no bus would stop to give us a ride. Finally we hid in the bus stop and a nice man waived the bus down for us. At the last minute we jumped out and hopped onboard.
Waiting for the Bus

By the time we made in back to the city we left the same way we arrived. Running.

We had an amazing time at this very special island. 


  1. Favorite part - the bus ambush. Good for you two.

  2. WTH.... TRAUCO!? that is the craziest thing i have heard!!!! too funny. i love picturing you two running around down there.... wish i could be there laughing with you two!

  3. This is a fantastic blog entry! I can see you guys running and hurrying everywhere to see all that you possibly could, awesome! The penguins were plentiful and the water and church buildings so beautiful. Love the bus hijack too:)!
    Just met the little ugly trying to tell us something?

    oxo Mom/Jani